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The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka completes 38 years of existence in 2016. In this time, it has acted as an engine of growth creating a considerable impact on the country's economic development. The organization had its origins in the Greater Colombo Economic Commission (GCEC), which was established in 1978 to generate development in the outskirts of Colombo. Fourteen years later, in 1992, the Commission was reconstituted as the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) with its mandate encompassing the entire island.

The BOI is structured to function as a central facilitation point for investors. BOI is committed towards continuously improving the country's investment climate. The Board of Directors drawn from the private and public sectors and its several departments are geared to facilitating the investment process.

BOI companies today employ over 470,000 workers. They account for nearly 65% of Sri Lankan exports and 86% of the country's industrial exports. The BOI is therefore a significant agent of social change and its existence of over 38 years has radically transformed Sri Lanka both economically and socially, placing the country in a position where it can compete in an increasingly globalized world.

Significantly, when an investor signs an agreement with the BOI, the provisions embodied in the agreement remain valid for the life of the enterprise. Successive governments cannot change these provisions, ensuring a degree of stability that few other countries can offer or match.


"To make Sri Lanka the most preferred destination for sustainable investment in Asia".


"Attract and secure sustainable investments for optimum utilization of resources and talents, through vigorous promotion and excellent investor facilitation whilst preserving harmony with the natural environment as a significant contributor in the development of the national economy".

Key Objectives of the BOI

  • Foster and generate economic development.
  • Widen and strengthen the base of the economy.
  • Encourage and promote investment, specifically Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
  • Promote interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration.
  • Help existing enterprises in dealing with macro socio economic challenges and help in their transformation.
  • Diversify the sources of foreign exchange earnings and increase export earnings.
  • Promote innovation and adoption of new technologies and generate new employment.
  • Establish Investment Promotion Zones (IPZs) throughout the country especially through public and private partnership.
  • Promote Sri Lanka as a Trading Hub.

Board of Directors


Mr. Dumindra Ratnayaka

Board Member

Mr Mangala Yapa

Board Member

Mr Ajit Gunawardene

Board Member

Mr Sagara Gunawardana

Board Member

Mr Hemantha Wickramasinghe