Key Sectors For Investment - Export Manufacturing

Major Investors

Presently three major companies in the rubber sector have invested over US$ 50 Mn each in their projects and created substantial employment for locals. (M/s Loadstar (Pvt) Ltd (Hong Kong), M/s Trelleborg Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Sweden) and M/s Ansell Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Australia).

Two investors are currently manufacturing flour based products investing over US$ 50 Mn each. M/s Prima Ceylon Ltd (Singapore), M/s Serendib Flour Mill (U A E).

M/s Holcim Lanka Ltd (Switzerland) has invested over US$ 50 Mn in the industry of manufacturing cement.

M/s Merbok MDF Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Malaysia) too has invested over US$ 50 Mn in the project to manufacture wood based products

Projects under implementation

M/s Dabour India Ltd of India is to be implemented project to manufacture beverages with the infusion of US$ 25 Mn and M/s Steel Corporation Lanka Ltd is being implemented their expansion projects with the capital investment of US$ 80 Mn. M/s Prima Ceylon Ltd has commenced the implementation of the expansion with the infusion of US$ 35 Mn. M/s Hambana Petrochemicals Indian company is to set up a manufacturing plant for packaging industry in Hambantota Port area with infusion of US$ 145 Mn.