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BOI enterprise Cable Solutions Private Limited wins Prestigious International Innovation Award

BOI enterprise Cable Solutions Private Limited wins Prestigious International Innovation Award
The BOI enterprise Cable Solutions (Pvt) Ltd received a prestigious award at the International Innovation Summit held recently at the Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai, China.  
About 30 Chief Executive Officers of companies in Asia participated at this prestigious award ceremony where a number of high profile keynote speakers were also invited.  One of the recipients of the Innovation Award 2017 was BOI enterprise Cable Solutions (Pvt) Ltd for its development of electronic cable assembly units that have advanced features.  
The award was formally presented to Mr. Pawan Tejwani, the Managing Director of Cable Solution.  Mr. Tejwani is shown here with the certificate he received in Shanghai and the award Trophy.  The cube shaped Trophy is inscribed with the key processes that lead to Innovation namely Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation, Integration and Initialization.  
The distinguished trophy award is made of aircraft aluminum and is fluorescent.  The BOI actively promotes projects which have an R & D and Innovation component.  A number companies already operating under the Board’s regime are engaged in Innovation and in the development of new products which in turn leads to greater export earnings for Sri Lanka.
Mr. Pawan Tejwani stated “the fact that there is such skill and engineering competence is in itself a great achievement for Sri Lanka.  Mr. Kapil Kane, Director of Intel Innovation who graced the awards ceremony and was a keynote speaker, expressed his deep appreciation for the level of competence and capabilities available.  The importance of innovation awards such as this one, is that it can provide an insight into the actual competences and knowhow that countries have.  Innovation Awards 2017 was an event organized by Enterprise Asia, an NGO helping entrepreneurs in Asia”

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