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Export development Strategy to be unveiled next month

Export development Strategy to be unveiled next month
The long awaited National Export Strategy will be launched in February, followed by the National Innovations and Entrepreneurs strategy, Development Strategies and International Trade Minister Malik Samarawickrama said yesterday.
The National Export strategy, aimed at improving competitiveness and diversifying the export portfolio of the country, targets building more high quality export brands from the country, Samarawickrama said, speaking at the Sri Lanka-Indonesia Business forum.
“The strategy is to build more and more export brands from Sri Lanka, ranging from high-quality high-value food and beverages, leisure boats, IT services and electronic components. The new National Innovation Entrepreneur strategy will also be launched very soon. It will have a component to support technology, upgrading start-ups and collaborative innovations. We are fully aware without focus on these areas, we cannot go from-middle income to high-income,” Samarawickrama said. Stressing on the policy changes that have been taking place in the country to create a conducive environment for foreign investors, Samarawickrama said that the ease of doing business will also improve next year, with the introduction of the single electronic gateway. Samarawickrama noted that with macroeconomic stability being achieved and economic reforms well under way, “Sri Lanka is ready to receive investors,” adding that the Government is now focused on focused on attracting foreign direct investors.
Calling on Indonesian investors to take the opportunity of being a relatively “early arrival” in Sri Lanka’s improving business climate with economic stability and policy reforms, Samarawickrama said that the potential for bilateral trades between two countries can be enhanced to benefit both business communities.
The Board of Investments in Sri Lanka is reorienting itself to focus on improving responsiveness to investors, he said, adding that approval and facilitation for investors have been streamlined with decisions making process being made more transparent. 

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