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Female labour force increases to 83%

Female labour force increases to 83%
The female labour force participation in Sri Lanka has increased to 83% in the third quarter of 2017.
It has been observed that the labour female participation rate (LFPR) has risen due to several reasons. These include thousands of job openings in the job market, availability of secure and permanent full-time jobs, increase in education levels, quality jobs with clear career prospects and on-discrimination in the labour market.
The online recruitment platforms that keep on emerging in Sri Lanka has also contributed to reduce the unemployment rate within the country.
In addition greater number of the women are showing interest to enter to the labor market now as they get the opportunity to balance work-family relationship as there are many day care facilities with security for their children and also better transport options.
“In addition the different type of job categories and the high salary rates also encourage women to join the labour market,” said Manager - Public Relations, DreamJobs.lk Priyanka Perera

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