Services Provided by BOI


Procedure for Effecting Exports

BOI Enterprises are permitted to export their finished products on Duty Free basis, as approved by the agreement entered into with the BOI

First Export Consignment

Enterprises should obtain the Certificate of Conformity (COC) from the Engineering Approvals Department/Regional Office or the respective Zone office before effecting the first export. The relevant application form 45/FO/IS/35 could be downloaded from the Website.

Documentation for Exports

Request for exports should be made under Cusdec declaration I and II and submitted to the relevant BOI Service Centre for approval.

Air freight / Sea freight 02 copies of CUSDECs (Security copy & BOI copy)
02 copies of Commercial Invoices

  • As and when Certificate of Origin for export of Apparels is issued by the BOI, an additional copy of the CUSDEC is required
  • Export of Textile and Apparel Products
    • Quota allocation for exports to India could be obtained from the Department of Commerce prior to processing export documents.
    • Certificate of Origin for export to India will be issued by the Department of Commerce
    • Certificate of Origin with regard to exports to European Union (EU) countries will be issued by the relevant BOI service centre
    • For all other countries Certificates of Origin should be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce
    Exports other than Textiles & Apparel
    • Obtain Approval from relevant government authorities, if required