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Procedure for Clearance of Import Cargo

As an Investor who has signed an agreement under section 17 of the BOI law, you are eligible to import project related items approved by the Investment Department without customs duty. However, you are required to pay other taxes liable under the customs tariff.

First Import Consignment

Permission to import the first consignment of capital goods and construction materials has to be granted by the Regional Development Department / Engineering Department of the relevant Zone / Regional Office, after approval of the site and building plans. Certificate of conformity of the building, has to be obtained from the same department prior to import of raw material. The relevant form 45/FO/IS/34 for obtaining approval for the first import consignment could be obtained at the time of registering with the Investor Services Department or downloaded from the website.

Customs Declaration (Cusdec)

Request for clearance of import cargo has to be made on the form identified as Cusdec (Customs goods declaration/Customs form 53). This form is designed as Cusdec I, which is, used when only one item is declared and Cusdec II, if there is more than one item to be declared. As a new investor, it is recommended that you should obtain the services of a clearing agent registered with the Association of Clearing and Forwarding Agents (ACFA) and who is familiar with BOI Import / Export procedures. As such you could avoid delays in clearing cargo & payment of demurrages.

Documents Required for Clearance of Import Cargo
Air freight 02 Copies of Cusdec (BOI copy & Delivery copy)
Commercial Invoice
Master Airway Bill
House Airway Bill
Freight Arrival Notice
Sea freight 02 Copies of Cusdec (BOI copy & Delivery copy)
Commercial Invoice / Packing List
Bill of lading
Delivery order
Approval for Import of Goods Wares & Merchandise on Duty Free Basis

You are requested to obtain approval for the above items to be imported from the following departments of the BOI

Item Department
Complete list of items to be imported Relevant Sector
Chemicals and other Environmental related items Environment Management Dept
Construction material Relevant Sector & Engineering Approvals & Special Projects Dept Engineering Department of EPZZ

In addition, approval from relevant Line Ministries should be obtained if required.