Services Provided by BOI


Provision of other services by the Investor Services Department

Transfer / Purchase of Material & Accessories

BOI Enterprises are permitted to transfer raw material and accessories between BOI and non-BOI enterprises coming under the perview of Sri Lanka Customs to be used for production of items for export.

For this purpose, you should obtain approval from the respective Investor Service Center using the application form 45/FO/IS/09 which can be downloaded from our website.

You are also requested to submit a CUSDEC prior to effecting the transfer.

Sub-contracts for Urgent Production Orders

Sub-contracting to meet your urgent production orders would be permitted if requested. The relevant application form 45/FO/IS/06 should be used to obtain approval for subcontracts of enterprises located in Export Processing Zones. The two enterprises (the awarder and the subcontractor) should be solely responsible for the raw material taken for subcontracting & also for the finished items which should be returned to the awarder after finalizing the subcontract.

GRNs in respect of the subcontract should be submitted by the BOI enterprises effecting the subcontract as proof of performance of the enterprise.

Sale of Finished Products in Local Market

Sale of finished products in the local market is permitted as per the conditions laid out in the agreement. Sale is subject to payment of customs duty and other levies determined by Sri Lanka Customs.

The respective application form 45/FO/IS/30 should be downloaded from the website.

Loan of Machinery & Equipment

Transfer of Machinery on loan or rental basis.

BOI Enterprises could obtain or transfer Machinery and Equipment to/from another BOI enterprise on loan basis. They could also obtain machinery and equipment from a non-BOI enterprise on rental basis. The respective application form 45/FO/IS/13 to be submitted to the relevant IS center for this purpose, could be downloaded from the website.

Sale / Purchase of Items / machinery & Equipments Imported on Duty Free Basis manufactured at the enterprise

Sale/purchase of machinery/equipment imported on duty free basis is permitted between BOI enterprises, on a case by case basis. Also items manufactured at an enterprise are permitted to be sold to another BOI enterprise as project related item/s of the purchasing party.

For this purpose you are required to submit form 45/FO/IS/44 to the relevant service Center

Removal of Machinery Equipment from the zone for Repairs/Modification & Return

Temporary removal of machinery, spare parts and other equipment imported on duty free basis for repairs and modifications from a zone is also permitted to BOI enterprises on obtaining the approval from the relevant service center. If the quantity of machines is more than 5, the company has to submit a corporate guarantee to the relevant Investor Services Center.

For this purpose you are required to submit form 45/FO/IS/43 to the relevant service Center.>

Indirect Exports

BOI Enterprises which manufacture raw material, consumables, and accessories are permitted to sell their products to manufacturer of garments and other items for the purpose of manufacture and export of final product, in terms with the BOI agreement.

BOI enterprises willing to avail themselves of the VAT concessions available under the Simplified VAT Scheme (SVAT), should register for the scheme monitored by the Inland Revenue Department..