Services Provided by BOI


Verification of Cargo

In addition to the Central Verification Terminal (Orugodawatta) and Air Cargo Terminal (Katunayake), BOI has several other centres for verification of import / export cargo by enterprises, located in the following Export Processing Zones.

BOI has several centres for examination of import / export cargo by enterprises, including the following Free Trade Zones.

  • Katunayake Export Processing Zone
  • Biyagama Export Processing Zone
  • Koggala Export Processing Zone
  • Kandy Industrial Park
  • Mirigama Export Processing Zone
  • Wathupitiwela Export Processing Zone
  • Malwatta Export Processing Zone
  • Seethawake Export Processing Zone
  • Horana Export Processing Zone
  • MAS Fabric Park

All enterprises located in the above Export Processing Zones can get their cargo verified at the respective zone in which the company is located. The company should register import or export documents after payment of verification charges at the said verification unit and a verification officer will be assigned for verification of cargo at the factory. Enterprises located close to KEPZ, BEPZ, Koggala EPZ, Kandy Industrial Park and MAS Fabric Part can also avail themselves of this facility. Only a random verification will be effected and in the event a shortage or excess of imported cargo is detected after cargo is taken to factory premises, the Enterprise should inform the respective service centre within 01 week of clearance of cargo.

Verification of Import and Export Cargo at Terminals

The BOI has two verification terminals to cater to the requirements of enterprises located outside the Export Processing Zones, namely CVT - Orugodawatta and ACTU - Katunayake

Central Verification Terminal (CVT) – Orugodawatta

Central Verification Terminal at Orugodawatta has been established to verify Sea Freight, Import / Export cargo of enterprises obtaining services from the Colombo Service Centre. This unit is opened 24 hrs of the day and offers a specialized service to its customers. Enterprises are requested to pay the relevant verification charges and register details of cargo at the unit for verification.

Air Cargo Terminal (ACT) – Katunayake

Air Cargo Terminal located at Katunayake has been extablished to verify Air Freight Import / Export cargo. This office is also opened 24 hrs of the day and BOI enterprises can obtain services by making online payment of service charges and registration of the cargo.

Enterprises should produce cargo for verification either to the CVT, ACT or the respective EPZZ no sooner it is cleared from the port or airport. Enterprises should also ensure that cargo declared on the import and export cusdecs have been physically imported and exported. Discrepancies of any nature should be identified and the respective service centres should be kept informed within 01 week of clearance or loading.