Services Provided by BOI

Visa Facilitation

BOI assists with the facilitation of visas for eligible investors and employees.

  1. Business Visas

    Upon request, BOI may issue a letter of recommendation to Sri Lankan Embassies / High Commissions of a given country to issue Business Visas to potential investors visiting Sri Lanka.

    Please contact the relevant sector team in the Investor Facilitation Centre for assistance.

  2. Resident Visas

    Once an agreement is signed with the BOI, the BOI may facilitate the issuance of resident visas to relevant investors and qualifying employees.

    The company should submit the following documents along with the visa application in three sets to the BOI when applying for visas for expatriates.

    • Certified copy of BOI certificate(certified copy of the Letter of Approval for Sec. 16 projects)
    • Certified copy of BOI Agreement
    • Certified copy of Articles of Association
    • Certified copy of Form 1 (Details of directors)
    • Certified copy of Form 2A (Certificate of Incorporation)
    • Company request
  3. Short Visit Visas through Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) System

    Foreign Nationals who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for a short visit (such as business conferences, discussions, training programs, tourism, medical treatments, sports, and cultural shows) can apply visas on-line through Electronic Travel Authorization System. Please click on www.eta.gov.lk